What is /YinChannel/?

TL;DR: YinChannel helps new content creators figure out what they're doing and attract new followers.

What is this, really?

YinChannel is a reboot of the original /YinChannel/ board from the chooperchannel site created in 2011 that was originally an imageboard designed to share user-created content within a small network. The new format reduces the facilitation of individual pieces of user-generated content in favor of aggregating each individual's independent content collections. The goal is to help our content creators more easily reach out to their userbases while remaining independent, while supporting those who want to learn how to become content creators by helping promote new content creators. Support provided by fellow content creators is, after all, the best way to bind a community!

How can I join the channel?

Get in touch with us! We're always looking for new content creators to join our channel and contribute to our network, so feel free to hop in, join the community, and leverage our awesome network of creative geniuses for whatever endeavors you may be undertaking!

You can email our site admin at yin@yinchannel.moe for more information at the moment while we're rebuilding our network!

Will the old imageboards ever make a return?

Probably not. We're working every day to make our portal more and more responsive, and part of that effort involves dropping our old #chan style imageboards. Keep an eye out in the future for more ways to interact with our site and community as we build out our network though!

That's not ruling out a return of our imageboards sometime in the near future though. As we evaluate the different methods available to us with which to interact with our community, we may determine a return of the imageboards in some capacity to be the best solution!

You can join us on our Discord server at the following link to stay in touch!